Reverse Osmosis Brackish Water Units

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Reverse osmosis produces one of the purest methods of water filtration, removing up to 99% of all contaminants from water.

Water passes through a series of filters including an activated carbon filter for the removal of chlorine. After which the water passes through a semi permeable membrane that has the ability to remove and reject a wide spectrum of impurities, bacteria and contaminants from the water, producing an ultra pure product water.

Reverse Osmosis systems were originally designed for desalination and have been widely used for many years by the shipping industry, oil rigs etc for the conversion of sea water into drinking water. Now the technology is being used by hospitals, Industry and pharmaceutical companies where the purest of water is required.

Brackish water units are becoming more popular due to the increased use of groundwater, due to the rising expense of water & strict water restrictions. Brackish water units may be the most tricky to design as no ground water is similar in characteristics.

After receiving a detailed water analyses, Aquamarine Water Treatment will design and manufacture any plant to any specification using the latest in computer assisted design software.

Data sheets

Please click on the data sheets below for more details for some common systems

Commercialex 4040-D

Commercialex 4040-S

Direct flow 4040-1

Industrialex 4040-D

Industrialex 8040

Industrialex 8040H

Light Industrial RO600


Simplex 4040-S

Simplex 4040-D

Simplex Auto 4040-D

Simplex Auto 4040-S

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