Water Treatment Chemicals

Aquamarine Water Solutions supplies a range of water treatment chemicals for industrial and municipal operations to optimise the performance and safety of your water treatment plant.

We have partnered with Aquatech as our trusted manufacturer of water purification chemicals to bring premium-quality, NSF-certified chemicals to sub-Saharan Africa.

Benefits of our water treatment chemicals:

  • Effectively treat contaminants and pathogens
  • Lower operating costs through reduced chemical dosing requirements and cleaning frequency
  • Reduced maintenance costs through maintaining optimum water cycle condition
  • Solutions for any industrial or municipal plant application

Our water treatment chemicals:

Supplying water purification chemicals to South Africa for 20+ years

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The exclusive MEMGARD RO chemical range is tailored for your system

MEMGARD Speciality Chemicals

Your RO system is unique and requires a customised chemical solution.

MEMGARD offers a comprehensive solution for your system, with a diverse range of antiscalants & cleaners, maximising your system’s efficiency, economy and longevity.

MEMGARD features:

  • Reduce cleaning frequency
  • Vastly reduces membrane damage
  • Effective clay removal
  • Environmentally friendly

General Purpose Antiscalants
(MEMGARD 6000 & 6002)

Effectively controls scales such as silica, calcium carbonate, calcium sulphate, barium sulphate and strontium.

  • Compatible with leading RO and NF membranes
  • Maintains a cleaner membrane surface
  • Decrease in cleaning frequency
  • Extended membrane life
  • Increased recovery rates
  • Effective over wide pH range


SiO2 X X X X
NSF 60

High pH Cleaners (MEMGARD 6017)

Organic speciality cleaner (high pH) eliminates: organics, bio film, clay, silica, sulphate, aluminosilicates and colloidal particles.

  • Powder product (100% active)
  • Low dose rate (1% to 2% CIP solution)
  • Ionic strength builder clears the pores


Low pH Cleaners (MEMGARD 6016)

Inorganic speciality cleaner (low pH) eliminates inorganic scale deposits, metal oxides and Iron fouling.

  • Safe to handle (fully miscible in water)
  • Compatible with both polyamides and cellulose acetate membrane

Frequently asked questions:

What are the chemicals used in water treatment?

There are many different chemical formulas used to treat the water cycle,
determined by the treatment process and which harmful substances are
found in the water. These include: flocculants, polymers, biocides,
membrane antiscalants, and more.

What are the chemicals used in industrial water treatment?

A wide range of water purification chemicals are used to in the industrial
water treatment cycle, including antiscalant chemicals, cooling and boiler
chemicals, wastewater chemicals, flocculation and coagulation chemicals.

How are chemicals removed from water?

A common method to treat water is with a filter, which removes impurities
from water with either physical barriers or chemical and/or biological processes.

What is the process of flocculation?

Flocculation water treatment is a chemical filtration process, where flocculants
(chemicals that stimulate water purification) cause clot-like masses of unwanted
sedimentation and particles in water (a ‘floc’). This ‘floc’ can then be removed
from the water more easily.

What chemical is used for flocculation?

Flocculants depend on which substances are to be removed from the water.
Examples include: aluminium sulphate, aluminium chloride, sodium aluminate,
ferric sulphate, ferrous sulphate, ferric chloride, ferric chloride sulphate, hydrated
lime and magnesium carbonate.

Can you use Chlorine for water purification?

Another common water purification method is chlorine water treatment, which is
the process of adding chlorine for the disinfection of drinking water and killing
germs in the water cycle.

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Why is water purification important?

Globally, the supply of clean water is a critical challenge to all, with a growing demand as a result of its finite supply.

A sustainable and clean water source is fundamental for both the world’s population and its economy to prosper.

Aquatech has 30+ years’ experience in the water purification industry, developing industrial and municipal water treatment solutions to overcome water-scarcity challenges.

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